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Episode #1 in "WHY VEGAN???" series with Avrora Gunko

March 18, 2021 Avrora Gunko Season 2 Episode 1
Avrora's Podcast
Episode #1 in "WHY VEGAN???" series with Avrora Gunko
Show Notes

This is the first Episode from the "WHY VEGAN???" series. In this episode, I talk about:
- Why I choose to be VEGAN?
- What is Veganism?
- Why Is Veganism Important?
- Why I choose to don't kill animals?

In the itch episode, I will talk about one of the reasons people goes vegan and all the things about it.
I Express Compassion for Every Sentient Being! 
When we lose compassion and empathy, we can’t relate as well to other people and other thinking, feeling creatures. We turn animals into objects rather than understanding them as the sentient beings they are. Cows, pigs, sharks, fish, chickens, and other animals that wind up on plates have emotions, just like you and me. They experience love, grief, and fear. They may not be able to verbalize their emotions — but then again not all humans can either.

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