Awaken You

V.B.TALKS with co-founder Mid-Day Squares Chocolate

August 08, 2022 Avrora Gunko Season 2 Episode 60
Awaken You
V.B.TALKS with co-founder Mid-Day Squares Chocolate
Show Notes

Vegan Booty TALKS with co-founder Mid-Day Squares Chocolate Jake Karls
Episode #60

Jake Karls is the co-founder and Chief Rainmaker at Mid-Day Squares. 
As the Rainmaker, Jake focuses on achieving growth through the business of building genuine relationships – with investors, buyers, journalists, and building out the internal team. In Jake’s better-known role as  Mid-Day Squares’s resident Social-Personality, he passionately inspires others to “get comfortable with the uncomfortable” and be unapologetically themselves. Though he was recognized as an EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist this year, his self-proclaimed “greatest accomplishment” was learning how to be confident in himself.

At this Episode Avrora and Jake from  Mid-Day Squares talks about how to grow your business from nothing, whats best strategy best to use and how to be true to your self NO MATTER WHAT!?

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